6 Essential Rug Care Tips for Pet Owners: Enhancing the Life of High-Quality Handmade Rugs Australia

Owning a pet brings immense joy, yet it also comes with unique challenges, especially when you are a lover of high-quality rugs. Furry companions can occasionally lead to a bit of havoc on your prized carpets, but with the right care tips, your rugs and pets can coexist harmoniously.


How to Properly Care for Your Hand Made Rugs Australia

Here are six must-know rug care tips for pet owners, especially for those who have chosen handmade rugs Australia has to offer and natural jute rugs.


Pro Tip #1: Regular Cleaning

Whether you've purchased high-quality rugs online or from a local store, regular cleaning is the first step in preserving their pristine condition. Vacuum your rug at least twice a week, paying extra attention to the areas your pet frequents. Regular vacuuming will prevent fur and dirt from becoming embedded into your rug's fibres, helping to maintain its freshness and aesthetic appeal.


Pro Tip #2: Immediate Spill and Stain Treatment

Accidents are a part of pet ownership, but immediate action can prevent a permanent mark on your handmade rugs Australia-wide. Use a cloth to blot – not rub – the area, then apply a pet-friendly stain remover according to the manufacturer's instructions. For natural jute rugs, remember to test the stain remover on an inconspicuous area first to avoid discoloration.

Pro Tip #3: Groom Your Pet Regularly

Frequent grooming of your pets can significantly reduce the amount of hair and dander on your rugs. It's a proactive approach to maintain the beauty and durability of your rugs, plus, your pet will feel pampered too!


Pro Tip #4: Rotate Your Rugs

Consider rotating your rugs every six months. This tactic ensures even wear, especially if your pet has a preferred lounging spot. This tip applies to all rugs, whether they are your plush living room centrepieces or your natural jute rugs online.


Pro Tip #5: Invest in Rug Pads

A rug pad will not only prolong the life of your rug but also provide extra comfort for your pet. Additionally, it provides grip, so your pet won't slip and slide, causing accidental damage to your rug.


Pro Tip #6. Professional Cleaning

Even with meticulous at-home care, professional cleaning is crucial, especially for high-quality rugs online purchases. Professionals have the know-how to deep clean without causing harm, ensuring the longevity of your rugs.


While these tips will help maintain the condition of your rugs, remember that nothing adds charm to a home like a loving pet and a well-chosen rug. High-quality, handmade rugs from Coastal Rugs can withstand the test of time, and pet ownership, provided they are cared for correctly.


The Bottom Line

Embrace the beauty of natural jute rugs, which, with their sturdy construction, can handle a bit of pet love. Browse our collection of natural jute rugs online and discover the perfect blend of style, durability, and practicality.


Don't wait for the perfect rug to find you. Create a home that you and your pet will adore. Dive into the world of handmade rugs Australia loves and bring home the perfect blend of style and functionality. Explore our wide range of high-quality rugs online and on sale today, because your pet-friendly home deserves nothing but the best. Remember, with a little love and the right care, your rug can remain as charming as the day you bought it. Visit Coastal Rugs and redefine your space today!

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