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  • Your #1 seller of high quality, unique and handmade rugs at factory direct prices

  • Transform any space visually, with style and a wow factor with one of our rugs

  • Find the perfect natural or synthetic fibre rug with a huge range of colours/sizes

Coastal Rugs

The Business

One team – one goal – to provide you with high quality, unique and handmade rugs at factory direct prices for any living space in your home, office or studio. All handmade and machine washable.

Our rugs are inspired by the traditional Moroccan beni ourain hand woven out of wool and polyester fibres blended into thick and durable polypropylene fibre.

What sets us apart from our competition is our extensive range of rugs which has you covered.

We have taken the time to handpick a large selection of natural fibre and synthetic fibre rugs suitable for all ages and all rooms in your home.

So when you buy a rug from Coastal Rugs you know it will brighten, uplift and transform any space to be EXQUISITE. STYLISH. COMFY.


Coastal Rugs

Customer Service

Coastal Rugs understand and listen to your needs being a family business that has served more than 100,000 customers over 20 years.

Our golden rule ‘’is to treat you the way you would want to be treated if we were you the customer and you were us Coastal Rugs.”

Coastal Rugs do this by ensuring you have the best experience as a customer throughout your journey with us – that is from your first contact and after doing business with us.

We don’t just want to meet your expectations but exceed them with 5-star customer service achieved with a positive attitude, superior knowledge, better personalisation and by solving your problem fast.

Because when you purchase a rug from Coastal Rugs, get ready to experience superior customer service through a proactive approach that will leave you recommending our rugs to all those in your circles.


Coastal Rugs

'The Experts' in Rugs

Coastal Rugs have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and solely specialise in rugs – so yes, we live and breathe everything rugs.

All our staff are highly skilled, experienced and trained to help you make the best rug choices for your home/office/studio, always suited to your needs and budget.

Each of our team has undertaken vigorous training to ensure they meet our 3 pillars of success that ensure we provide you with Australia’s best rugs:

1. Knowledge (because the right knowledge is power)
2. Understanding (tailoring the solution to suit your needs)
3. Passion (the desire to achieve the best results)

We combine these 3 pillars of success with our exceptional communication skills to deliver Australia’s best rugs – check out our reviews as proof.

Because again Coastal Rugs is one team – with one goal – to deliver you Australia’s best rugs for your home, office or studio that are high quality, unique and handmade at factory direct prices.


Australia's Best Rugs for any space

The rugs that all your family and friends ask where you got it

Guaranteed to brighten, uplift and transform instantly





“Coastal Rugs has a team of experts with the right knowledge and understanding to ensure you purchase the best rug for your space according to your needs and budget. We have a seamless buying process that ensures minimal stress , are always
transparent and personalise the experience to your needs. So whether it is natural or synthetic fibre rugs…

Let us Help You…

Because at Coastal Rugs We Transform Your Space.”

~ Coastal Rugs Team ~

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