Jute/Hemp Rugs

      Handwoven by skilled artisans, Coastal Rugs collection of jute rugs are the perfect addition of natural texture to your contemporary living space. Sturdy and eco-friendly – Jute is often grown without fertiliser and fed with rainwater only. Sure to add tranquillity and that unique look to your home.

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      Natural Jute Rugs - Sustainable Elegance for Your Home

      Welcome to Coastal Rugs, your destination for exquisite natural jute rugs Australia. Our collection features high-quality, handmade rugs that add a touch of elegance to any living space. With factory direct prices, we offer you the opportunity to adorn your home, office, or studio with the unique beauty of natural jute rugs.

      Why Choose Natural Jute Rugs?

      Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

      Natural jute rugs are an excellent choice for those seeking sustainable and eco-friendly options. Jute, a natural fibre derived from the jute plant, is renewable and biodegradable. By choosing jute rugs, you contribute to a greener environment while still enjoying the charm and warmth they bring to your space.

      Textured Beauty

      The natural jute fibres create a visually appealing texture that adds depth and character to your room. Whether you prefer a rustic, coastal, or bohemian-inspired decor, our natural jute rugs effortlessly blend in, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living space.