Care and Maintenance


Keep rugs dry and out of dark places.

To ensure even wear and minimise the natural fading that occurs from sunlight, rotate your rug end-to-end. Avoid areas with direct sun light or heat.

Vacuum regularly. We do not recommend using rotating or brush head vacuum cleaner. Only vacuum along the the fibres, not across it. From time to time, turn your rug upside down and vacuum the back.

Treating spills:

Carefully scrape up as much of the spill as possible with a spoon or dustpan and blot any liquid residue with kitchen paper towel or other colourfast absorbent material. Do not rub. Cover the spill with absorbent material , add weight o top if needed. Leave for 10 minutes for the liquid to absorb. Water based spills are best treated with luke-warm water. Oil based spills are best treated with mild detergent diluted in luke-warm water. Highly-coloured products, such as paint, nail polish, shoe polish, lipstick and glue, will not respond to these simple treatments. Please seek professional cleaning services.

Do not drag furniture over the rug as it may pull on the loop and damage the rug.